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Tahitian Pearls


Our involvement in the international Pearl market has included attending international pearl auctions held in Hong Kong, Indonesia and Japan. This interaction with world leaders in the pearl market has lead to opportunities for expanding our pearl inventory to include loose Tahitian Pearls. These pearls are extremely high quality and come in a range of various dark colour shades, peacock greenish tinges and metallic silver.


Tahitian Pearls generally come in larger sizes than the Akoya Pearls as the warm waters around the Tahiti Islands provide environmental conditions which allow the Pearl mollusc to grow the Pearls at a faster rate. Sizes from 12mm to 14mm are common for Tahitian Pearls while Akoya Pearls generally are not larger than 10mm.

Our buying power at international Pearl auctions allows us to provide Tahitian Pearls to our customers at very competitive prices. Included in our online store is a selection of high quality select Tahitian Pearls. For more varieties of Tahitian Pearls you are invited to contact us with your enquiry.