Australia's Specialist Distributor of Wholesale Loose South Sea Baroque Pearls

South Sea Golden Pearls


Golden Pearls are the rarest and arguably the most beautiful Pearl variety and only come from the tropical South Sea waters between Indonesia and the Philippines. We source our South Sea Pearls directly from Pearl cultivators, located on various isolated islands within the tropical archipelago of Indonesia. Dealing directly with the Pearl cultivators we are able to hand select the highest quality South Sea Pearls and acquire stock at the best possible prices.

Through our association over many years with several leading South Sea Pearl cultivators, we have establish a large South Sea Pearl inventory consisting of pearls of various sizes, shapes, colour, lustre and quality. We are able to hand pick selected pearls from each harvest including keishi, baroque, oval, semi round and button pearl varieties, which also come in various colour shades ranging between white, silver and gold.

We are able to source large volumes of Pearls and able to take an entire pearl harvest on behalf of our clients. A pearl harvest can consist of several hundred kilograms of mixed pearls at greatly reduced prices.

South Sea Pearl customers can either buy through our online store or are invited to contact us directly to enquire about our current inventory and wholesale price list.