Australia's Specialist Distributor of Wholesale Loose South Sea Baroque Pearls


Here at the South Sea Pearls we specialize in loose South Sea Baroque Pearls that we export to our customers around the world. We acquire our Baroque Pearls through our direct association with several leading international Pearl cultivators which enable us to provide the highest quality Baroque Pearls at competitive wholesale prices.

South Sea Baroque Pearls range in shades from light silver white to a deep gold or silver colour. Baroque Pearls make up less than 5% of a Pearl harvest making them much more rare than round Pearls. The shape of Baroque Pearls can be extremely abstract and each Pearl has its own unique beauty.

As no two Baroque Pearls are the same it can be challenging to match Pearls with a similar size, shape and colour. Baroque Pearls are priced according to their size with the larger Pearls from 15mm to 25mm commanding quite high prices. Medium size Baroque Pearls from 10mm to 15mm are more common than the larger sizes and less expensive.

Our Pearls are guaranteed untreated and uncoated and are not artificially enhanced in anyway. This means that the Pearl surface is far more robust being 100% natural nacre with no resin or lacquer coatings which can scratch of tarnish over time. Our pearls will still look as beautiful in 100 years as they do today.